The March 11th Comes Around.

What has been revealed in Japan since the catastrophic nuclear disaster occurred after the devastating tsunami on the March 11, 2011.

When I stroll in the center of the metropolis recently, it seems that most people behave as if Tokyo is still thriving as the same city as it was before the nuclear plant’s explosion happened.

Is Tokyo still the same city as before? I don’t think so. What changed after that disaster in Japan? In fact, it was just revealed rather than changed. That is “the mind,” meaning “the mind of Japanese people.”

I know that some radioactivity fell in Tokyo after the explosion of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, most parts of Tokyo, however, were not affected so much except for the eastern part. That is the so-called the Tokatsu area, where it’s habitable insofar as it will be cleaned up.

The question that I am seriously concerned about now is the people who turn a blind eye to what is happening just at the Fukushima nuclear plant, the people who swallow the false information spread by the mass media without doubt, and people who don’t tolerate others who have objections to the government.

Needless to say, I assume bureaucratic officials and politicians to always be irresponsible in their work, because they definitely know that Japanese people never raise riots no matter how much they are exploited or deceived by people in power. On the contrary, Japanese people might as well choose to homogenize themselves to society rather than get themselves furious about their government.

Although I’ve known that the silent majority of Japanese people have long been obedient to their government as if they were lambs of a sacrifice, I can’t understand why they never get angry about being exposed to radiation and about important information being hidden from them. The issue is nuclear power and radiation, not a natural disaster. Obviously the nuclear disaster was caused by human errors on the part of Tepco and the Japanese government that had accumulated for a long time. Tepco and the Japanese government are to blame for this disaster, but they are always trying to portray this disaster as lighter than the real situation instead of revealing all information about it.

I could finally find some people on the Internet who got angry about Tepco’s and the government’s attitudes. In reality, though, a considerable number of people had difficulty accessing the Internet and they lack media literacy. They were deceived as a result, because academic authorities and professors gave them inaccurate information on TV or in the newspapers, such as, “Calm down. Radioactive exposure at this time is just the same amount as one X ray.”

Actually, I thought from the very beginning that people were being deceived, and that Tepco and the government should take full responsibility, but I recently became aware of the truth that many Japanese people wanted to be deceived or they didn’t want to realize what was happening. Unfortunately, so did the government.

I think that the truth of a nuclear disaster is cruel, brutal, and beyond the reach of my imagination, but it’s a true story. Nobody can ignore it. Unless we face up to this crisis, we won’t be able to survive. Children and youngsters should be especially considered with regard to the radiation issue, but the things that the authorities have done so far are totally opposite from this thought. I cannot rule out the possibility that the country’s top priority is not that children will disappear in the future. It is sure that the children are our future. In this country, money that is just around the corner is superior to future people’s lives.

Those of us who realize that the children are our future must make every effort to help children under this severe circumstance. Let’s take hold of our future.