Monthly Archives: May 2013

Trees Bathed in Sunlight

Whenever the season of fresh green comes around at this time of the year, trees bathed in sunlight recall me a book that influenced my life.
When I started working for a company right after graduating from college, I was always tired because I was really confused about the gap between college life and working life.
One day I was browsing a bookstore to kill time. Though I wasn’t looking for anything special, I casually stood in front of a bookshelf because one book seemed to stand out and drew me in.

So I reached out and took that book from the shelf. Its title read, “Trees Bathed in Sunlight.” I opened its cover, and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop. It was a collection of daily essays written by Japanese philosopher Arimasa Mori, who had died in Paris.

Mainly, he writes about personal experiences in the book. He says, “Experience makes you what you are.” What he wants to say is very simple; it struck me, and I got energy from his words. Since then, when I have to make a hard decision, I try to do it to gain experience.

As its title “Trees Bathed in Sunlight” suggests, the book became the sunlight of my life. This encounter changed me.