My Cats’ Story

So far I have had four female cats .
I currently have two young female cats, “Sister” and “Kitten”.

In this week’s blog I will be talking about two previous cats of mine.
I will call them “Grand-ma” and “Aunt” in this article, because I sometimes use their real names as password or something.


The characters and appearances of the two cats were quite different, as were their births.

Grand-ma was the first cat that I decided to take care of by myself.
She was born in a veterinarian’s house; she was calm and friendly, prefered to be with family members, and was a very beautiful tabby.

Conversely, I heard that Aunt had been left with her brothers and sisters in an abandoned cardboard box in an empty lot, and she was almost not saved because of her dirty appearance.

When Aunt came to my house, Grand-ma had already lived with us for 16 months. Grand-ma welcomed Aunt, but Aunt didn’t become tame at all for the first three months. Whenever our family members or Grand-ma tried to approach her, she always refused our advances.

Although all of us, including Grand-ma loved Aunt, it took about two years until Aunt became tame. What’s more, she still preferred to be alone, and was always searching for places where she could hide.

However, both of them were generally on good terms as you can see in this picture.

Grand-ma died two years ago when she was 17 years old, after giving us many years of love. Then Aunt began to refuse us again.
We realized that Grand-ma had protected a buffer between Aunt and us.
So we decided to leave Aunt alone in the corner of the house with food and clean toilet box. She seemed to be easy and secure.

My husband soon began to miss having an affectionate cat around. He started talking about how compassionate Grand-ma had been, and often bothering me when I was trying to work.

I began to look for a stray cat while I was walking, because I was certain that my husband needed a new cat.

Then, it happened by accident one night. I encountered “Sister” near my house during my walk. I immediately talked to my husband over my cellular phone, and he soon showed up to meet her with a carry box in his hand .

Marvelously,the week after Sister came to my house, Aunt passed away peacefully in her sleep.

10 month later, “Kitten” came to my house.
Now I have two young cats “Sister” and “Kitten”.

They eat, run and sleep very well every day.
They are happy and so are my husband and I.

I think the legend is true. It is cats who choose their owners, not owners who choose their cats.