Watching a Movie in a Theater

I love watching movies in the theater.
Since the liquid crystal display for television was developed, many people have bought thin LCD TVs, put them on the walls of their homes and prefer watching movies sitting back on the sofa there to watching them from a theater seat. This is called home theater. In spite of this trend, I still go to the movie theater because not only there is no equipment for watching DVDs in my home but I also love watching movies in the theater.

The movie theater is a special place for me to be released from daily stresses. While I am watching a movie in a theater that is dark and isolated from daily life, I am gradually transfusing my emotions into the main character as the story progresses. Eventually, I identify with the hero or heroine and cry, laugh, get angry or feel joy like he or she does. I’m sure that my behavior would seem strange if I were in a light place, but fortunately nobody can see what I am doing as long as I am in a dark movie theater.

This is one of the best ways for me to stabilize both my family and my public life. How economical and efficient this is!
So,I love watching movies in the theater.