Internet is my English leader.

I became used to using computers before they were popular because I worked for a general construction company as an operator of CAD, which stands for computer-aided design.

In spite of my career, I was very surprised that the Internet became so big at first. Secondly, I realized that knowing English was a huge advantage for using the Internet. That’s why I started leaning English.

To tell the truth, I had failed to learn English time and again since I graduated from college.

I needed concrete motivation to continue to study English, and finally I found that the Internet is it. Whenever I use the Internet, I am taught that it can help to expand my brain as long as I can read English well.

Making a effort towards studying English helped with my promotion to TOEIC’s criterion, and it also expands my mind and world day by day.

I should be thankful to the Internet for leading me into the wonderful world of English.

Now, I started my blog.


I’m an artist. My english homepage is right here. Click here to see it.